Nail Wraps

Nail Strips

What Are Nail Wraps? What Are Nail Strips? In accordance with Modicure ( a web site for contemporary manicures, Nail wraps are a great way to accessorize your nails without needing polish. Nail wraps are generally made of thin plastic or vinyl having a design or finish. They may be self adhesive and will last as much as 2 weeks on fingers and toes. They are safe to use and won't dry or damage your nails like other nail enhancements They are also a means to protect your nails if they're prone to chipping, flaking, or breaking. They could be put on broken or split nails to prevent further breakage so that it can grow out naturally.

Nail Strips

Nail wraps are available in a variety colors and designs including metallic and animal prints. Use of nail wraps can be carried out at home.

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